by Simona Alexandrov

My determination to do art came to me via a respectful Russian attitude towards the joys and pains of creativity. I like both its rewarding playfulness and the all-absorbing time spent with the work. I am convinced that in expressing my creative power I support and expand one vital element of humankind: passion for life.

I never fully understand how I create my work. Of course, I know what should be done in preparation for a painting, drawing, or a clay piece, but when the inspiration takes over, I am so engrossed in the process that I don't fully realize all that is occurring as I work. In the end, I am always surprised with the results.

I began studying art in St. Petersburg, Russia more than 25 years ago, and earned 2 MFA degrees. I strive to retain the innocence of expression that I had as a child in my current works. My personal experiences and knowledge of art history are my inspirations. Look carefully, and among the subjects of a personal nature you'll find something recognizable to everyone.

by Jennifer Vacca

Simona Alexandrov is a full-time studio artist whose work ranges from ceramics to oil painting, graphic art and pastel drawings. She has exhibited work nationwide at galleries like Shaw/Guido in Pontiac, MI; Joanne Rapp in Scottsdale, AZ; Ferrin Gallery in Northampton, MA, and Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, MI. She has had solo shows at Art EXPO 2004 (New York), Radcliffe College and The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. In May, 1996, she was the cover artist for Ceramics Monthly Magazine.

The new books on fine art ceramics by Paul Scott Painted Clay and 500 Figures in Clay, Lark Books (edited by Veronica Alice Gunther) feature Simona's work.

In the past few years, after relocating to Boston, Alexandrov opened Simona's Fine Arts Studio and School in nearby Waltham. She also has taught at Harvard University, Radcliffe College, Massachusetts College of Art, Mudflat Studio, and the Danforth Museum School.

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