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What Else is Simona's Art Studio And School?
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Every learning process is, to a high degree, a self-education. It requires effort from both the teacher and the student. At Simona's Art Studio And School, you will find a well-equipped workshop, guiding instruction, helpful references, and the company of committed fellow students. If you love learning, and only if you do, the class will present an opportunity to reach personal goals and help you make new discoveries in art. Have you heard about composition as it relates to art? Do not try to sign up for this subject in any traditional art school, as it simply does not exist. Would you like to learn how to take any theme, step by step, from a vague idea to a finished meaningful piece? You will learn to hunt for your idea, and capture your own mind's imagery on paper. Furthermore, you will learn to perceive art libraries and museums as fertile grounds for additional ideas that you can work on to become your "own." You will couple this exploration with technique for a successful finished project. You will never again mechanically copy anyone else because you do not have your own original idea or because your idea is not good enough. You will be free, confident, and learned in the subject of creative composition. At the studio you may choose to study oil, watercolor, acrylic or gouache painting; pen and ink, charcoal or pencil drawing. There is also an opportunity to explore clay sculpture and ceramics. It is up to you!


Studio space consists of two large rooms. These are equipped with work tables, a slab - roller, a spray booth, a pottery wheel and ceramic kiln. We have a state-of-the-art ventilation system for the prevention of hazards associated with the firing and glazing processes.

Learning Format

Classes are small, with up to eight students. The teacher is able to give personal attention to each student, since classes are not centered around any group assignment or demonstration. Students are free to work at their own pace, and feedback is given when necessary.

What Else is Simona's Art Studio And School?

Besides attending weekly classes, students of Simona's Art Studio And School can choose to participate in the following additional offerings.

Figure Drawing

Students of all levels are encouraged to participate and develop their skills in an informal setting. No instructor. Critiques available during students weekly class sessions.

Plein Air Painting

Painting outdoors in the fall, spring, and summer. Available for currently enrolled students for a nominal fee, weather permitting.

Vistavka: an exhibit

The opportunity for students to show their work during our annual open studio and sale.

What Our Students Wrote...

I have been at Cera-Mix for three years. I have learned important concepts that have enabled me to become a better artist. At times when I wanted to make an artistic choice that I thought was sufficient, Simona Alexandrov encouraged me to move on to ideas that were new for me and taught me so much! She is very thoughtful and careful teacher who, I have always noticed, takes specific interest in her students. Her teaching expertise is evident in my work.
- Jeremy Deborah Chase

I had just discarded the Cera-Mix class brochure when I received a phone call from Simona Alexandrov telling me that yes, she could teach me watercolor painting. Would I like to visit the studio? I did not know exactly what I wanted, but the serendipitous phone call gave me a good feeling. That first visit was pretty unconventional. Simona said I could "do whatever you want.. it will be a crazy time." Nearly a year later I look forward to my weekly class and continue to have fun and find inspiration.
- Jennifer Vacca

After many years as a professional artist it is thrilling to work with another professional artist (S. Alexandrov) and to be challenged and inspired.
- Elee Koplow

Driving directions from exit 26 on Rte. 128

Address: 621 Main St., Waltham, MA

Take exit 26 (Waltham/ Weston) in the direction of Waltham, and stay on route 20 east. Bear right at Walgreen's-this puts you on Main St. in Waltham. Continue past the Post Office on your right and the library on your left. On your right you will see Waltham City Hall: a large gray building with a clock tower and American flag in front of it. Cera Mix is located right across the street on the second floor of the antique red brick, three-story building (621 Main Street). You may turn left at Church Street, and enter the Church Street Municipal Parking lot on the corner of Main and Church. There are plenty of free parking spaces nearby if this lot is full.

From any other direction...


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